Boral TruExterior® Siding and Trim

January 16, 2017

© Boral TruExterior®

Boral has created an entirely new category of exterior products with its Boral TruExterior™ Siding and Trim. Offering phenomenal performance, remarkable workability and a lasting look without the limitations that commonly plague other exterior materials, Boral TruExterior® products are like no other siding or trim products on the market today. Our exclusive poly-ash structure has been developed with over six years of rigorous internal and third-party testing. The proprietary polymer chemistry and coal-combustion products (ash) add a level of inert properties with virtually no moisture cycling, making it ideal for exterior applications. Consisting of more than 70% recycled materials,
Boral TruExterior™

Siding and Trim lead the market in true sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Boral TruExterior™ Siding and Trim:
Excellent Exterior Alternatives
Like wood, Boral TruExterior® products

• are easy to handle (similar weight)
• can be painted any color with exterior grade latex paint
• are easy to cut, route, drill and mill
• can be installed using woodworking tools and methods

Unlike wood, Boral TruExterior® products
• have exceptional durability
• are resistant to rotting, cracking, splitting and are virtually
free from termites
• offer excellent workability

Unlike many other exterior products (such as wood composites, fiber cement and vinyl/PVC), Boral TruExterior® products
• maintain a high level of dimensional stability during periods of moisture and temperature change
• are suitable for ground contact
• do not require end-sealing, special adhesives or other cumbersome and costly installation techniques
• can be painted any color

Download the Full Spec sheet here.