Careful steps taken to operate during this crisis

March 26, 2020

Siewers is taking all necessary steps to protect our customers, vendors and employees to provide a healthy and safe environment to conduct business. We have always valued our services and will continue to explore new services that may be helpful to some customers. For example, you may call in an order that we can pre-pull and have ready for you to load when you arrive, thus minimizing human contact. We recognize that you have a livelihood to maintain and an obligation to your customers – the homeowner or business owner – and we aim to do what we can to help you. Also, if it helps, our delivery service is available.

  • On our 5 acre yard, we are doing the following:

    – Using gloves whenever possible.
    – Prohibiting handshakes or human contact.
    – Requesting all vendors to contact us by phone, versus in person, to reduce human contact.
    – In addition to our normal daily office and bathroom cleaning, we are sanitizing all surfaces (counters, doorknobs and other surfaces) several times per day.
    – Requesting all employees to stay home if any fever or illness develops.

Also, remain healthy with your everyday lifestyle. Eat, exercise and sleep properly to maximize physical and mental health. Be wary of other viruses and the flu. The flu is taken for granted but it is a serious matter and it is still flu season. In the U.S. alone there are 60 million cases of the flu every year resulting in 30,000 to 50,000 deaths (the CDC uses this range). Siewers takes this illness seriously and arranges flu shots for customers and employees in early autumn every year. Most insurance companies cover this at no charge.

So from our family to yours we will all work together until this crisis is over.

-The Siewers Family