Diverse Surface Styles

March 8, 2016

By Elizabeth Richards

Kitchen countertops are where work gets done – from cooking to eating to homework and more. These surfaces must be able to withstand consistent use and incorporate unique features that enhance the functionality of the space.

The most prominent visual in the kitchen is the countertop, requiring an aesthetic that is balanced in the overall design while helping to tie the whole area together.

“Consumers want their countertops and design style to be a reflection of their experiences, memories and personalities, but more importantly, they want durable, long lasting and live-able options that are also timelessly beautiful,” says Sally Chavez, senior designer at Wilsonart in Temple, TX. She adds that since countertops are one of the most frequently used surfaces in a space, consumers are more likely to splurge on these surfaces than any other item in a remodel.

Lorenzo Marquez, V.P./marketing for Stafford, TX based Consentino North America says that , as one of the most utilized elements of a kitchen, counters need to withstand all varieties of usage demands. “With this in mind, homeowners continue to demand that the highest-performing surfacing materials be used in counter applications. Beyond performance, color and visual interest continue to be key drivers for selecting counter surfacing.” He notes.

Though stone looks are still popular, other materials are also on the rise. Homeowners are looking for these alternatives in order to express themselves in a unique way. Wood, concrete and other stone alternatives are desirable for young and/or urban consumers, as they want to use their own eclectic style and individuality to make a statement in their home.

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