February 20, 2019

The TAM-RAIL® system fulfills your deck look and your outdoor experience with ease and affordability. Delight in the effortlessness of assembly, which allows you to get back to making your deck or porch where you go to relax.

Life made easy with the TAM-RAIL® system as our railing includes premeasured bracket templates as well as predrilled holes for accurate spacing and quick installation overall.

The railing system to provide the beauty you desire with the strength of three protectant layers to keep your family safe. Pick from square or colonial posts to showcase your style. Complete the look with a New England post cap, Pyramid cap or Solar cap.

Whether you have a composite deck, concrete porch, or have wood deck boards, TAM-RAIL® is the luxury system that sets your home above the rest with a white railing to complete the picture-perfect appearance.


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